Any Car Controller is the easiest Unity plugin used to control any kind of vehicles with 4 wheels or more. Realistic Car Physics and Optimized Code will allow you not only to set up any car or truck ready to drive in less then 2 minutes with just a few clicks, but also to use the vehicle on any device consuming an extremely small amount of CPU.

All of that makes Any Car Controller perfect for mobile applications but also for higher graphics kind of games as it provides all features and customizations that you might want to apply to your car model.

Check it out! 

  • Easy and Quick set up
  • Fully customizable Extra Wheels
  • Advanced wheels attributes
  • Full Engine customization
  • Manual and Auto Trasmission
  • Flexible Gear System
  • FWD – RWD – AWD
  • Turbo
  • NOS
  • Digital or Analog Speedometer
  • ABS
  • Exhaust Flame and Smoke
  • Skid Marks
  • Realistic Car Physics
  • Any Camera System
  • Cool Mobile Interface
  • Cross Platform Inputs supported
  • Custom Engine Sounds supported